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PSIR Marks Improvement Program

PSIR Marks Improvement Program

Product information

Number of chapters
12 Chapters
Number of contents
114 Contents
Offer Applied
  1. Personal guidance and mentorship
  2. PSIR notes for content enrichment
  3. Live evaluation and one on one discussion
  4. Doubt clearing
  5. 12 Tests (8 Sectional and 4 Full Length)
  6. Marks improvement in subsequent tests
  7. Performance improvement
  8. Visible progress in content, quality of answer, approach towards preparation and Improved effectiveness of your PSIR preparation
  9. PYQ Solutions – Topic-wise
  10. Program Valid till 30th September 2024

Step 1:  Session one: Identifying lacuna’s and suggesting strategy based on that

  • One on One Session: Immediately after you enrol the program, you will have first detail session with mentor – session will be one on one.
  • Understand the level of your preparation: During the session, we will try to understand the level of your preparation
    • How much you have already studied
    • What you need to cover more
    • How much depth and how much in detail you have subject knowledge and how much you need to read more
  • Any answers or tests you have written in past, we will go through it and read all answers in front of you and will discuss with you
    • Where your answers stand
    • What more needs to do
    • Whether they have good content
    • Do they address the demand of the question
    • Is your content relevant as per the question

We will examine your answers in front of you and will discuss with you about it and will suggest you

  • How to improve
  • What should be your strategy
  • Where you must work
  • How much time it should take (Target based preparation)

Step 2: Plan, strategy and time

  • After discussion with us, A workable plan will be given to you which will be specific for you only.
  • A strategy to achieve that plan will also suggested to you.
  • Enough time to execute the plan will be given to you.
  • In between your progress and plan will be monitored
  • In between, during you are working on your plan you can connect with us several time for your doubts.



Step 3: Practice, Perform and Progress


  • Appear for the test after having prepared as per the last discussion, inputs and suggestions.
  • Immediately you have submitted the test, you will get the one on one session arranged.
  • In this Session, your copy will be evaluated live, and every answer will be discussed with you.
  • You will get the inputs in live interaction
  • A detailed discussion about your performance.
  • Also previous test’s performance will be compared with your current test’s performance.
    • This will help track the progress.
    • Evaluate your performance.
    • And will help you understand whether the strategy is working for you or not.
    • It will help you understand how much is the improvement in terms of content, approach, quality of answers and score.

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